Doctor Who: Series 9: Episode 1 and 2: Definitely SPOILERS Beware

There are definite spoilers below. Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens. Watch both first. They were excellent and engrossing.

I haven’t felt all that compelled to write much about series 9. Sure I’ve enjoyed it, there are some interesting moments. Love that Missy is the evil companion, she and Clara juxtapose nicely against the doctor. Clara’s got more eyebrows, or different eyebrows… the current trend right now is thicker eyebrows like the luscious Cara Delevigne, so presumably this is the reason for the slight change in make-up.

Missy is a lovely parody… imagine knowing somebody like that? What a handful, yet quite insightful. What her purpose is is probably ultimately evil, but there’ll be some kind of sting in that revelation. Looking forward to it. Will be disappointed if this is an empty premise.

Davros… the backstory to the backstory is just beautiful time lord poetry. He goes even further back in Davros’s timeline than he did before in Genesis of the Daleks, from the position of being so far in the future of his own timeline — if the timeline is linear of course… for all we know, Time Lords live variably.

The music sounds like it should, like nothing else could have improved it. The camera work and effects were really good. The snakes scary and Davros so wonderfully diabolical.

Davros is the enemy we hate to hate and his control is submission and dominance. The snakes came across as phallic to me, the male to male relationship stood out and it created an interesting dynamic. Davros the master was slave to the snake who was held in place by an unknown source of loyalty.

Clara as the Dalek was thought provoking in light of her debut with the previous Doctor as a Dalek in the Dalek nut house.

By saving Davros, the Doctor salvages some of the damage instilling mercy into the core make-up of the Dalek by installing into Davros in the first place. Such a powerful outcome actually.

So yep, loving the new series, looking forward to later.


  1. I agree that this series is better than the last. It has a lot to do with much snappier dialogue, which in turn seems to be because of the bigger role for the Michelle Gomez “Missy” character. My only reservation is that Ms Gomez played exactly the same manic / mad cap character in Green Wing and Bad Education, so while it is new for Doctor Who it is beginning to look like typecasting for her.

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    1. I don’t think that typecasting is a bad thing really. Michelle Gomez thoroughly and uncannily understands the melodramatic female villain and has her mastered – every nuance, the way she moves… she’s lovely to watch. We saw her in The Taming of the Shrew in Stratford-Upon-Avon and she was a million times more intense and convincing than Elizabeth Taylor in the same role. I’m pretty sure she could play straight roles too. But if you’re writing a screenplay requiring a lady lunatic – she’s top of the list. Typecasting is a bit like specialisation, only for the masterful — or in her case the Mistressful Master 🙂


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