Nicki’s Latest – Leggings


Don’t your legs get bored with the same old trousers, pants, slacks, leggings?

I work in areas where I can afford to be more casual, and I grew tired of wearing the same old things everyday. Black leggings, black boho, black slacks, black black, black, black… And yes, black is slimming… but I like to think we’re moving into an age of body acceptance, where we can allow ourselves to accept our bodies as they are, while we are remaining healthy and in shape.

But there was nothing out there that I wanted, cheap leggings tend to be opaque, and supermarket leggings require regular seam repairs. I decided to take all this creativity that I have inside, all this supposed “talent”, and channeled it into creating something I’d want to wear. And so I did.

I am self conscious, my leggings are very bright. But I like them. They make me happy.

The punishment we inflict upon ourselves in our own minds resembles nothing that anybody worth knowing is thinking, it’s all inside ourselves. How can we change that if not by embracing the things we think we oughtn’t wear because of some imagined judgement.

Worry less. Just love your body. Wear colours and patterns that help boost the flow of your energy, colours that bring you an infusion of inspiring energy.

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Nicki Ki ©
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Haiku – Purple Ball of Irises

Tiny ball of miniature irises – I wish I knew their real name. Searching for “purple wildflower Zante” in my default search engine, yields everything, including questions about the point of search string algorithms – especially when the search string returns pictures of the shipwreck beach – which while interesting… “purple wildflower Zante” it is not…

I took this with my Nikon D3100, using a 10x macro filter, with the following settings – F/6.3 (for added detail but not too much), 55.0mm, 1/200 (in bright sunshine), ISO = 100 (for max clarity in the available light – noon) and I am largely allergic to built in flashes on all cameras – so that’s always off.

Here’s a little haiku I wrote about photography and this anonymous purple ball of irises – if you happen to know what they’re called, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d tell me, I’m sure it’s a more catchy name than PBOI.

Purple Ball of Irises

Purple Irises
All angles, brightly displayed,
one beautiful shot

Photography and Poetry © Nicola Kirk
 All Rights Reserved

Haiku – Doorway

Haiku - Doorway

I’m back, bursting with haiku and poetry inspired by one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever visited – the third largest island in the Ionian sea, the ancient world of Zante – named after King Dardanos of Troy’s son, Zakynthos and with a history that extends right back into the Neolithic age.

This cave was captured on a boat trip (standby for future pictures), and it really sparked my imagination – how about yours?

I return feeling touched by the muses – hope that the creative injection lasts.


Natural or Rock hewn
Doorway to mysterious
world beyond the light

Photograph and Poetry © Nicola Kirk
 All Rights Reserved

After the rain

After the rain by Nicki Ki
After the rain, a photo by Nicki Ki on Flickr.

May the stars carry your sadness away,
May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,
May hope forever wipe away your tears,
And, above all, may silence make you strong. —– Chief Dan George