Steel Giants

Happy new year.

Not sure about you, for me, 2015 was awesome for many reasons, photography being one, but blogging, not as much. Have you noticed that writing takes up so much time? And working takes up so much of that time. Luckily I did some freelance photography and actually got paid for my work in that regard!

As for 2016, I will be writing more regularly – so many ideas, I love that introspective space, but for blogging I’ll be going for short, sharp and punchy, a selected photo and a poem of some description. Maybe a few reviews, maybe some other things. I just want to see how it flows.

The paid photography work I did last year centred around architecture, office interiors and the latest AV technology. All things I’m interested in! I absolutely love Canary Wharf because from an architectural point of view, it’s like another world.

The photo below is a crop of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf.



This was taken April 2015, the day was beautiful and the sky had never been so blue.

The biggest challenge is taking straight shots from the ground with a standard lens. This was tricky and required only minor manipulation to get it exactly straight, but the original on Flickr allows you to zoom right in and peer into each window. I’m guessing that the people are sitting behind the blinds because the sun was so direct and penetrating, but the result is a building that appears to be completely without a living soul in sight… though it would have been poetic if someone had been peering pensively out, somewhere three quarters up.


I love this shot.

As my daughter flipped through the photos of this day, she observed that some of them made her feel so incredibly small. It is akin to walking among giants.

Steel Giants

Occupied Towering
Bastions of Wealth
Fortress’s Fortunes
Peers across Thames

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All Rights Reserved

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular Angles


This week’s Photo Challenge theme is all about Angularity… I trawled through my humungous photo archives to bring you this selection of both natural and manmade – horizontal, vertical, parallel, orthogonal and diagonal lines…

Here’s a little about the pictures…

The Egyptian obelisk was taken in Paris in 2005, when I knew nothing about composition, but I loved the vibrance of the blue sky, and the way it almost offsets the golden inscriptions. Below the obelisk are angular leaves backdropped by the large conservatory at Kew Gardens.

The Tower of London and The Gherkin in the background contrasts old architecture, with new. The picture below is a building also taken in London, unfortunately I didn’t keep a note of where it was, the left side is reflection.

Keys to Heaven were taken at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon, and below that Cacti and the spiky ball plant demonstrate angularity in nature juxtaposed against the symmetry of their hothouse.

Last two on the far right, above are ivy plants trained to grow along angular cables, and below that, symmetry in large leaves, provide horizontal and vertical lines.

It’s been a funny old week. I’ve been studying for a test I’m taking tomorrow. General self doubt has cleared somewhat with some actions I’ve taken (I feel like I’ve made a good choice anyway)… it’s a long old path to a peak, and I’m still not entirely sure where I am exactly on this uphill cycle, but I’m trying to take in the scenery instead of letting the destination override its beauty.

I haven’t had excessive free time for much of anything I usually enjoy, it feels as though the daily 24-hour allocation of hours has somehow shortened, as I run from here, to there, to there, to there, getting a lot done, yet having very little to show for it.

I hit upon a breakthrough over the past few weeks. A personal matter has resolved itself (in my head, where everything weighs the most) resulting in the loved and beloved ones breathing huge sighs of relief.

I started a series of poems called Open Heart Poetry, (#openheartpoetry) I’ll be plopping these into posts from time to time, and schedule permitting, will be more involved in the blogosphere throughout December… I am aware that I’ve neglected reading all of my favourites, and if it’s any consolation, I look forward to catching up with you in the near future.

Positive Mental Attitude is always the way forward…



Just because
The only bytes

you see


Leap into existence
Like Schrödinger’s cat


Doesn’t mean
That’s all
There is

© Nicki Ki
All Rights Reserved