Dark Twists by Ian Kirby

Looking for something dark and twisted to read for Thanksgiving?
How does this grab you?

Dark Twists – Volume 1: Thin Red Smile / Evil & Chaos Limited / Her Powder Mask

Three self-contained short stories out of a collection of twelve (coming soon), that directly or indirectly link to one another creating an overall story arc bring the best of both worlds of novels and short stories.

PictureSince his wife disappeared under horrifying circumstances in 1998, William Ryan lives as a recluse, driven and scouring every single news source for clues to explain the mystifying circumstances and coincidences surrounding what happened to his wife one fateful night.

Drawn to articles and fictional interpretations of events about the supernatural, the terrifying and the bizarre – searching for the answers to all the questions he’s amassed, he collects them in huge multi coloured dog-eared scrapbooks, annotating them in story form as a desperate reach for closure.

Now, for the first time, he has consented to the publication of the first three tales from this vast and twisted collection. The contents contained notes made by William and presented for contest at the beginning of each story.

1. Thin Red Smile
Drake Winters is recovering from a recent messy break up. But when drawn to a mysterious author at a work event, will he be able to restrain his darkest desires?

2. Evil & Chaos Limited
Just how far will some corporations go to meet their aims? Evan Dale is managing one of the most secretive projects in his company’s history, facing horrifying challenges from above and below. Will Evan succeed before the darkness finally closes in?

3. Her Powder Mask
Once upon a time, Freddie wanted to go to the lake house. Everyone else was afraid, so he went by himself – and what he would discover would change his young life forever.

Despite this being his début, Ian Kirby knows his favourite genre incredibly well. He brings forth characters and situations that are memorably haunting.

Scheduled for release early next week, Dark Twists – Volume 1: Thin Red Smile / Evil & Chaos Limited / Her Powder Mask is available for Kindle pre-order.


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