Whoa, has that much time passed?


Yes, I suppose it has.

I have so many things going on these days, I hardly have time to put fingers to keyboard for anything other than personal writing. Blogging is great for marketing, inspiration from fellow bloggers and for drifting through writer’s block. Well, certainly if your blog is like mine – fairly purposeless, more like a showcase of writing in the event that one day I manage to win the golden trophy aka getting the highly-sought-after “Publishing” deal.

I’ve thought of a few theme blogs I may explore sometime during the long dark days of the winter months and spare everyone from my Vogonesque winter poetry…

Even then, I’m starting to think it’s a bit too dodgy putting your best stuff online without some way to get something back for it, the Internet is full of people sniffing out ideas for their own gain. Having thought about it, I found myself writing offline, writing without the need for recognition. I have several projects, that may one day morph into something tangible, but at the moment… I am writing purely for the joy of–

The thing that turned me off blogging for a while was seeing how someone else wrote a Doctor Who review in my style – even down to the way I format the headings, and the article seemed a little disparaging toward me — or maybe I just took it a bit personally because the person had thought my style was good enough to copy, but not good enough to show a little respect, either way I realised just how much I undersell what I do.

If you’ve been paying attention, I haven’t posted the last two reviews and the full summary of the last three episodes in context. But after that incident, I realised that I’m giving the milk away for free… and if I’m going to write Doctor Who reviews – and they take me hours to write and collect screen grabs, to inspire the reviewers who are writing for the popular channels using me as a foil for their sark, and if I’m going to open myself up to the risks of being a female blogger… then I might as well get paid something for it. So I will be finishing my Series 8 reviews, and will make the ebook available before Series 9 – which gives me a month and a half – EEP!

And if you just come here for the photo-poetry…

Keyboard Warrior Senryu

Tick tock time trots true
Tick tack typing to temper
Tactical tantrum

© Nicki Ki
All Rights Reserved



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