How to Feel Good Today, and Everyday

This is the most wonderful creation I’ve seen recently. I love the way this ad has been put together, the way the story flows, empathy in all the right places and a very powerful message, that at its heart is beautifully kind. Yes, I’m an old softy.

I thought about how much better the world could be if everyone extended this innate ability for kindness to the broader world.

Be kind to someone new, someone you ordinarily wouldn’t see. And do it every day consistently- whatever works with your personality.

Naturally there are so many beautiful people out there already doing just this, and some are overloaded because they can’t do it all, so if you could do a little more, then take part.

Our humanity, our ability to love, defines us as a species and if we shared it around even more, we can make a bigger difference. You never know how good your heart will feel until you try.



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