Four seasons of yellow

Yellow subjects mellow yellow

No time to dilly dally, going to finish the shopping today, and I’m only just sort of in the mood having spent three days in bed, first tending to, and then sick with my little one… winter bugs!

I’m looking forward to just getting out into the fresh air.

If you were wondering, my collages are made from photos I’ve taken. No monkey is going to use my camera for selfies!

Yellow daisies on a summer’s day reflect warm rays from Sun’s fingers. Occasionally dust in twilight skies give yellow overtones, brightening up the evening’s ambience. Dandelions twirling in little fingers, plucked before transforming to a wishing flower. Sunlight casts shadows on cream fabric, deepening yellow tones, boosting warmth. If there’s anything more yellow than a sunflower, it’s daisies, or daisy centres especially at Spring. Yellowed toadstools share the autumn floor with golden leaves. Christmas lit yellow incandescent light contrasts with bright coloured baubles to elucidate the greyest day’s darkness.

Seasonal Yellow

Earth Air Fluid Heat
Yellow smiles, reflects sunlight,
Emboldens cowards

© Nicki Ki
All Rights Reserved



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