Twinkle, twinkle little pingback

twinkle lights 3

Twinkle Twinkle Little PingBack
Many wonder what you are
Out beyond your own blog’s page
Your post’ll link any URL made
Twinkle Twinkle Little Pingback
Saving you time & sending posts far

I will do another collage with more generalised twinkles. I’m still filled with Christmas cheer, so this one is about the twinkly lights on festive trees, and the baubles that catch, and refract the light. These are the first photos I’ve taken in weeks. My head’s been more in a lingual state of flow.

Oh and I hand sewed a felt hat for my daughter’s play – she was a mini martian. I might post about that if anyone’s interested.

I love pingbacks, that’s how I find all the weekly photo challenge pics to visit, like and comment on. I take time out of my week to do that, and it’s helped increase people who visit my blog. I suppose everyone has their own way of blogging, but personally I don’t dedicate a significant amount of time to it, because it’s a recreational pursuit and right now I need to channel my imagination into content I can commercialise – there’s the left brain justification for my right brain’s purpose for creating art.

This was in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on the Daily Prompt – and I hope they get their ping backs working soon. I don’t like having to trawl through comments because it’s so much easier to just click on the box.

© Nicki Ki
All Rights Reserved



  1. I love these set of photos. So bright and cheery, and perfect for this week’s challenge. Like you, I love checking out entries for the weekly photo challenge and spend some time on it each week. I do hope they bring back pingbacks at some point, I always liked seeing them. But I usually trawl the comments and see what everyone has posted too 🙂


    1. Thank you kindly for that 🙂 I haven’t really visited by comments much – but since pingbacks are down – I’ve tried, and it’s pretty good… I think it could be improved by making the list automatically expand as the last comment approaches, rather than requiring a click through to the next batch… it’s just a usability issue though… Pingbacks are still good for cross-linking blog posts, I’ve come across some interesting blogs by being listed on their site.


      1. Oh yes Pingbacks are definitely convenient for cross-linking blogs. I do hope it comes back at some point – it is very user-friendly. In the meantime I guess it’s checking out the comments 🙂

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