Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge


The calm is here and in the midst of the peaceful tranquility of acceptance and forgiveness, focus is on the fun of the festive season. Peaks and troughs, and slogs and bogs, dogged this year, but along life’s journey, like a large complicated topiary, strength was grown and shaped.

The theme this week is converge, and the selections above reflect several different aspects of this.

The moon in the lamp before the lamp is lit converges our night time’s shared, waxing and waning reflected light source, with our contrivances to illuminate our pathways useful when the early darkness draws in plunging us all deeper into the skeletal stillness of winter.

Fuchsia flowers dangle within a metal spiral, Mother Nature converges with a human manufactured symbol representing the true spirit of her eternal flow.

In winter we look back on summer, warm colours converge in vibrant greens and blues, reflected in the shiny eyes of a magnificent Dragon Fly stopping for a moment upon a grape leaf to bask in the Sun’s generous rays.

Ivy stems converge into heart-shaped leaves along strong vines that even when cut back continue to grow with tenacious persistence – ever hopeful.

Spiders work tirelessly to create dinner traps for their insect feast, leaving beauty as rain droplets converge at intersections of their webby remnants, and end by spinning themselves into warm corners for their winter hibernation.

Heart shaped Brie cheese, candle light, and wine converge at Festive times to create delicious treats to share.

At Christmas, many of us in the world converge with our families, food and soft twinkling lights reflected off tinsel, glass and metallic balls, to remember the day Jesus Christ was born. There are other festivities that converge with this time of year too, Pagan souls celebrate mid-winter, coaxing the return of spring by decorating trees with fruit. The festival of Hanukkah and the daily incremental lighting of the Menorah is a holy and special time for Jewish people globally – it represents the Maccabean struggle for freedom to practice their religion, when Antiochus of the Seleucid Empire tried to forbid it. And Atheists, well there’s the pretty lights, the time off work, the sales, and the march to a clean slate the New Year invariably promises.

Whatever you celebrate, however you feel at this time of year, may the global consciousness feel the love, peace, optimism and goodwill converge in all our hearts and heads.

To carry us out of the theme of convergence, following is another poem from my Open Heart Poetry collection, it’s a Senryu (similar to Haiku) where natural elements, converge with human expression…

Stormy Expressions

Stormy winds arose
Lashing rains exposed the ground

Now, the calm is here

© Nicki Ki
All Rights Reserved



  1. I often wondered how spiders survive the hibernation during winter, So dang cold out and they have to work so hard at gathering enough to keep their tummies happy. Hum!

    Beautiful shots Nicola 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wonder the same, but there are a few massive spiders in my garage and I swear they have grey in their big hairy bearded legs, they have attitude that can only come from mastering the secret of weathering the winter. Thanks Andy 🙂


    1. Thinking about it, I was staring out the thick cloud, almost foggy darkened sky this afternoon, writing by the glowing light of my monitor… I’m glad it captured the mood. Thank you.


    1. Thank you TimelessLady! That Dragon Fly was a magnificent creature! I spent ages admiring its striking perfection, I was most fortunate to capture such a detailed image before it buzzed away. The eyes are incredible! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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