November Fireworks

I’m always in several minds about fireworks. On the one hand I worry about the fur babies, especially the timid skittish ones that don’t understand all the fuss, and on the other I am genuinely concerned about stupidity, negligence and ignorance when it comes to amateurs handling explosives. But on the one foot Fireworks are fun if handled with mindfulness, care and flair, while on the last foot left, fundraising fireworks celebrations such as the one put on at Hatfield House on 1st November 2014 are not-to-be-missed, light, sound, whizz-bang bonanzas!

With all limbs akimbo, and my hair blowing back parallel to the ground, I manically captured shot after shot (Tripod, bulb mode, F8, Incandescent Light) and this is my best, because it captures the scale of the pyrotechnic-climax framed by foreground silhouette.

Lord and Lady Sainsbury with the assistance of Bob FM provided a loud and lively space-themed evening with a great line up of entertainment in the build up to the firework display – following a wonderful performance, the talented Stephanie Nala pushed the fireworks button, kicking off a pumping mix of space music synchronised with fireworks.

The fireworks display was in support of the Welwyn Hatfield Mayor’s charity and Parkinson’s UK Welwyn Hatfield Branch.


© Nicki Ki, All Rights Reserved.


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