Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction (II)

refraction 2

After my first richer coloured entry, I wanted to try something a little different… a portrait format collage using photos of a miniature still life I set up – macro-still-lives if you will… I used feathers, grass, dried flowers, beads, glitter and mirror surfaces and shot in afternoon partly sunny conditions.

  1. Mirror mosaic pen cup as backdrop to feathered foreground is a good example of the prismatic qualities achieved by refraction.
  2. Refractions on the white backdrop caused by the sun’s rays hitting them at that angle – geometry in motion, the mirror-mosaic pen cup is in sharper focus giving a sense of scale to the glitter bottle and pink feather (which is quite tiny)
  3. Translucent glitter’s facets sparkle at different angles demonstrating the prismatic effects of plastic.
  4. A subtle refraction on clay bead and gently touching the dried daisy petals.

Procrastination Haiku

There is lots to do today
I play with photos

© Nicki Ki
All Rights Reserved




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