What does commercialised Time-Travel look like?

What does commercialised Time-Travel look like?

“Look on my works ye mighty and despair.”
Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

DSC_0101 (1)

Dear Mr Fiesta,

Congratulations on passing the Ozymandias Time Travel Corporation – Technical Terran Time Travel Exam (OTTCTTTTE), following our rigorous training program, we are pleased to report that your certificate, Permit to travel, Time Travel Floor-Portal (TTFP) and Return Mat are on their way to you via registered packaging on our Quantum Delivery System.

Again, we apologise for the delivery malfunction, and appreciate your patience. Please ensure that you are close to home to take receipt of it, as it cannot be left with an unauthorised person, our technician will perform a full installation and register it to your DNA sequence with our insurers.

We wish you well for all your future, past, and adventures to come. Please ensure that wherever you go, you have ready access to your technical documentation and contact details.

Please find attached general safety rules for your perusal, further information is available on the TTFP Smart-App.

Kind Regards,
Ms Tepp


For your own safety, read the instruction manual supplied, carefully, before operating the Time-Travel Floor Portal (TTFP). Your licence is authorised for Terran Time Travel ONLY, attempts to circumvent the built-in space-delimiter algorithms by going into Space and beyond, could result in corporeal dissipation, and permanent revocation of your licence to time travel. Your licence covers you to observe, live a little, and return to your real life within a reasonable period of  time. Under no circumstances attempt to meet yourself, or any of your relatives – these time periods have been blocked on your TTFP and Return Mat for your own safety, as well as for the rest of reality.

Please time travel responsibly and with care for people, places, history and the environment.

  1. Do not attempt to operate the TTFP during a power failure or during peak times. Check with our Smart-App for the latest grid status before charting your course of travel.
  2. Traveling with unlicenced companion(s) may result in permanent revocation of your Permit To Travel Terran (PTTT) .
  3. Ensure that your Indemnity insurance is up to date, you take full responsibility for any and all losses and injuries beyond the scope of contract – check with provider for a detailed list of what’s covered.
  4. Apparel and accessories worn on travels should be as close to the time-period so as to blend in, especially in public places where cameras and recording devices may be present. You will be held financially accountable for all amendments to existing archive and photographic material should you be identified in vintage or future footage. Refer to technical documentation for more specific instructions.
  5. After use, keep your TTFP clean before and after use with the Quantum Vacuum Attachment (QVA) to ensure all transferred dust particles, organic material and grime from your person and property be returned to their original time phase. Switch off and secure when not in use.
  6. Before using your TTFP, check for damaged parts, cracks and warbled spots. Any part that appears damaged should be properly repaired or replaced. If ignored, faulty parts can cause further damage to the machine, or injury. A qualified serviceman will attend within 24-hours of travel.
  7. Keep Children and Visitors away when you’re out of your present time phase. Ensure floor-portal is stored in a secure place behind lock and approved biometric device to ensure double-traveling doesn’t occur as this has been known to cause irreversible time-displacement disorder.
    Refer to medical section in course manuals for further information.
  8. Reduce the risk of unintentional time-traveling. Ensure that the switch is in the Off position and turned when your TTFP is not in use. An accidental start-up can result in unintended destinations and we cannot guarantee safe returns for unauthorised travellers.
  9. Never leave the floor-portal running unattended for any length of time. The orange light indicates suspected time-bend, please contact us immediately should this occur.
  10. Always ensure that you have your documentation and TTFP Return Mat in your possession. Failure to do so could leave you stranded forever. Should we not hear back from you within 3-weeks of your intended travel dates, we will initiate an investigation as covered in your training.
  11. Stay alert, watch what you’re doing, and use common sense. Do not use the  TTFP when you’re tired, under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.
  12. Do not attempt to operate until fully installed and tested by qualified service personnel – please refer to our website for details.
  13. Certain events you may encounter may pose a threat to the past and future reality if disclosed. Your training has prepared you for all foreseeable eventualities, please update us on events that you think we might be interested in – see our Affiliate Terms and Conditions for more information.


Should your activities influence the monitored present, you will be contacted via the earpiece by one of our trained call centre professionals, or quantum engineers, to discuss correction or an alternate course of action.

  1. Research your trip on the web, at the library and in history books (If you’re traveling into the distant past)
    Learn what you can about where you might like to go before you and minimise the feeling of being rushed, or that you’ve missed out on something you’d have enjoyed.
    Your itinerary should be filed 48 hours prior to travel, however accommodation can be made for short-notice trips.
  2. Although accidental losses do occur, avoid leaving your items and especially technological items in the distant past that could interfere with future discovery, and should you remember if you have left something you can no longer retrieve, please notify our Bureau of Special Investigations via the website for recovery.
  3. Our Quantum TIMTRAVEX handlers are available 24/7/365(6) to assist you with your Time Travel currency and our Award Winning travel team for your accommodation needs. Contact a representative to calculate holiday spend and appropriate currency for distant past traveling.
  4. Under No Circumstances may you transport goods from one time-phase to another. The QVA will scan and deport foreign particles upon your return and return everything within a 20 mile radius of the TTFP Area Returning Mat.
  5. Upon arrival we recommend that you take tour of the area, identify landmark, assess risks and transmit your arrival data via your communication device before exploring. Doing this ensures that we have a reading of your last known whereabouts should we not hear from you.
  6. Leave time to explore, strike up conversations and lose yourself in the experience. Many travellers report that getting lost ended up leading the to an adventure, a highlight of their trip that they might have otherwise missed.
  7. Photography and filming is permitted, however the footage may not be made public without prior screening by our Quantum engineers. Making footage available for commerce, should be undertaken with care, and any concerns had please contact our Quantum Legal Specialists for professional advice and tailored contracts.
  8. Crime committed in a different phase will be punishable by the laws of the time phase, and are to be avoided at all costs. Should trouble arise while out of your time phase, please contact our Quantum Legal Specialists and a Time-Travel expert attorney will come after you. You will be responsible for any and all accrued debts, please ensure that you travel to the mid 1100s (no later than 1200) and register a bank with the Knights Templar quoting the codes described in your OTTCTTTTE material.


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All Rights Reserved


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