Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration Refractions



    Refraction is a fun photographic technique that I’ve explored over the years. It was difficult to pick six images that showcase different subjects, but I think this week’s collage shows several examples.

    Anniversaries, wine and candlelight are essential ingredients to building a romantic atmosphere. The first photograph is a lovely Cape Sauvignon Blanc taken in front of a mosaic glass candle lamp Captain Kirk found on sale at TK Maxx one fine wintry day, bringing together all the elements for a lovely evening. The refracted candlelight blends into the clear, light wine deepening harmonies of light. The next time you’re out with a glass, take some photos of lighting through the liquid – you’ll be delighted at the results. (iPhone)

    Perfume bottles of various shapes and colours, with unique scents to bring back memories of celebrations past… I don’t so much wear a signature scent as wear scents that evoke recollections of significant past moments, holidays, times in life. My all time favourite is Chanel No. 5 … although I love it, I can never wear Davidoff Cool Water again because of past associations. Scent and memory are intrinsically linked. (Nikon)

    The top right photo of the refracted cast-iron sunflower topping of a garden bell – don’t you love the way the bare spring branches and blue skies to the left give a sense of context to the myriad of sunflowers refracted through the crystal ball of the spiral light-catcher? (Nikon)

    I certainly don’t go around outdoors wearing this sort of earring when in my yoga pants (“trousers” for English people who think pants are what Superman wears over his tights)… but a sexy dress, a little make-up and a few sparkles means we’re celebrating something! I’m sensing this is a theme! (Nikon with 10x Macro filter)

    I love buttons. My gran had a button box and I would spend hours rummaging through all shapes and sizes of buttons she’d collected through the years. I don’t even know what happened to it after she passed away – I don’t think anyone knew how much I enjoyed playing with them (apart from her), but I’ve started my own small collection that my daughter loves playing with. It’s funny how activities can be passed down from generations before, because I recall my gran told me that she used to enjoy playing with her mum’s buttons too. This image is simply buttons in a jam jar. (Nikon)

    Stained glass is an excellent medium to take pictures through. This was taken at a mall in Wimbledon splitting upstairs from downstairs, with a Nikon. This was when we went to the Polka Theatre to see the Charlie and Lola production – which my daughter loved. We’re going to see the Gruffalo soon – a memory in the making.

    My daughter started Reception year this quarter and I found myself feeling quite lost and empty for a few weeks as I got used to losing another 15 hours of time with her (previously she’d only been going in for half days).

    I have some really good friends (and Captain Kirk who is my best) and being able to talk about my feelings about being faced with being by myself (and being myself – whoever that was), and trying to figure out who I’d now become was invaluable! It’s been an interesting few weeks and they’ve gone fast. I’ve done a lot of free work for people, and I have done it with a good heart and the best intentions, but I need to start getting something back for the effort I’m putting in and I am plotting ways to make this happen.

    At this juncture, between phases there needs to be a pause and looking at my selection of images in the collage – which were the ones I was drawn to when scrolling through my humungous library of images and I noticed that there’s a theme of memory and celebration (and how the two are linked) and we haven’t actually stopped long enough this quarter to catch our breath, and take stock of everything we are thankful for.

    This may have been a challenging year, but it has never been without its rewards – so Celebration Pending!


    Best life things are free
    Moments, memory windows
    Remembering love

    All Rights Reserved 
    © Nicki Ki




  1. All of your examples are quite mesmerizing to look at, but I’m most moved by your comment about your grandma’s button box. Mine had one too and I have so many memories of playing with those buttons and sorting through them with her. It took up hours of my childhood. I was lucky enough to inherit her buttons as well as a mess of costume jewelry when she passed away. Those two items were the only ones I wanted. I’ve used some of the buttons for a mosaic picture frame and some of the really crazy one’s as character writing prompts.


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