Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs of Christmas

Christmas bling med

Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs

The signs of Christmas are everywhere. It’s that time of year again, the decorations are out, the lights are all plugged in and the full price sale of stock begins inspiring people to work longer hours, take a second job, or win the lottery become more religious – or for the sheer inspiration talented visionaries window dressers provide as we head toward the most highly anticipated (yet most anticlimactic) day of the year. Oh, and tis also the season for giving.

The slow build up from September is set to become a a resounding duet with Halloween toward mid-October, detouring around Guy Fawks Fireworks and Armistice Day Poppies in November, arriving howling to the tune of “All I want for Christmas is yooooooooooooooo” in December, when the last minute Chrimbo scramblers, who missed the last late night bus on the cyber-highway, clamour for something perfect from their local shops (which in our town are mostly thrift shops).

About the collage…

Frozen seems to be a big theme this Christmas – the movie, not the weather – inspiring the top-left centrepiece – a confection of white glittery coral like lace, white sparkly tall candles, thick, rich Grey with black glitter design ribbon – a beautiful theme for reflecting surrounding twinkly lights (and taking magical pictures).

Mosaic never goes out of fashion, especially when it’s this gorgeous object d’art gold glass mosaic interlaid perfume bottle.

I was struck by the glitzy lizards… I’d never have considered blinging up a Christmas room with reptiles. Hey why not? We’ve had bunnies, lamb, sheep and owls, why not gilded bearded dragons? It’s fun to say – try it.

I loved the way the glittery decorations were fashioned into peacock feathers except with glitter and rhinestones. There is no bird with more beautiful plumage than the peacock and although there’s very little seasonal connection (I still  need to wait for Spring to get that picture of the plumage in full), there is still the connection with fashion. Put on your shiniest glad rags and get out there, spread some cheer.

I don’t think I have ever uttered the words, “I really need a paper weight”. I’m more practical than that. If a stack of papers needs to be weighted, I use whatever I have at hand – be it a plate, mug or pine cone, there’s enough of stuff around to keep me in paperweights forever. But if ever I ever strongly desired one, I imagine it might be the glass bubble bauble (bottom right).

Ah, and the pensive lady reflecting into her hand-mirror, I love the lines of the statue, but not as much as I love the way she looks alongside the cut glass lamp. It was a dark photo, I didn’t have any way to stabilise the camera in low light – so I shot it at a higher ISO.

The signs of Christmas surround you and all through the land, they’re getting brighter, louder and more pervasive until you take your wallet in your hand…

Christmas Bling

Nature transformed – bling –
Making twinkles in your eye
’til January

© Nicki Ki
All Rights Reserved


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