Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


The weekly photo challenge this week invited us to take a good look at humanity and share.

Going through my photo collection, I realised that I hardly ever take pictures of people who aren’t my family, let alone “locals” where we visit.

I prefer nature photography because ultimately, when all is said and done, Mother Earth and all her physics and biology, is what gives fuel for life and inspirations, ideas and motivations.

When we think of ourselves, our Human family in isolation of everything, and everyone else, we risk losing sight of all that is most precious and treasured, and usually what we have in common.

Everyone cares about having a safe place to sleep, somewhere to keep however many things they do or don’t have. Everybody needs refreshment, water, food and a community in which to share these things. Music, whatever style you’re into, our enjoyment, appreciation and love of music unites us. It makes people sing, dance, share and feel happy. Before we tear-arse into other countries on the premises of tearing down what isn’t working, why don’t we apply a rule of law that favours what we share and start manifesting  more abundance?

I know it’s a stupid, idealistic question, but we’ve done the same things so many times that we can definitely conclude that we also all have crazy leaders in common. But let’s not go there.

I came across the above collection of photos I took a few years ago at Butterfly World in St Albans (reminding me that it’s definitely time to go back solo, toting a tripod).

The designer gardens that integrate nature with some fun and relatable aspects of humanity, is a treat to behold. It gives us a beautiful environment in which to reflect on how we’re all intrinsically connected through our Planet, a link that goes beyond employment, culture, language, religion and politics.

(From Top Left)

1. Nostalgic moments displayed upon a sunshine blue mantelpiece, sconces, rock shelves ((Southwest Adventurer), and trinket treasures integrated with the finest of Mother Nature’s seasonal offerings.

2. Blue skies and picture perfection, art is mirrored in duality human endeavour enhancing nature’s bounty, refining and expanding in the mirror ball reflection.

3. Music feeds the air, fills our minds and hearts with Jazzy soft, sultry soothing brass.

4. Shelves and shelves, convenient frames for ever-green fronds, dusting optional.

5. In Jewel-Bright Abundance we share the best things in life, and they cost nothing to enjoy.

6. Treetop table and magical implements, flying chairs, yet Nature is equanimous through the ages.

7. Drag on your red shoes, we’re not listening in on jazz tonight, we’re going out to dance the town red, let’s twist again…

8. Tea and succulents on offer for the fey folk of the faraway tree breaking fairy bread together.

Humanity and Nature’s Song

Human, melody
Nature vibrates harmony
Be one with music

© Nicola Kirk
All Rights Reserved




    1. Thanks, I know I’m an idealist but I think we need to connect more with the idea that we’re all part of planet and less on the individual things that we infer so much meaning to but only result in separation and isolation. We should have a day every week where everyone goes outside for at least half an hour (day or night) to watch butterflies, birds, feel rain, see stars, reflect on water, howl at the moon, bask in the sun, listen to buskers, eat together, and everyone leaves their technology at home, work and in their bags for this time.

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