Weekly Photo Challenge: Smuggler’s Adventure!


“Let’s go on an adventure,” he insisted, “It’ll be fun!”

“I’m not sure!” I tried getting out of it, “I have a bad feeling about this…”

“Oh you and your feelings,” he snorted, as derisive as ever, “You’ve got nowhere else to be… my mate says it’ll be easy money, you’re being a child, this is an Adventure!

“Fine!” I conceded, thinking that the feeling in my gut could also be hunger.

“You’ll get three squares and some money for the children…” he pacified me, pleasant having gotten his own way.

“If anything happens…”

“Nothing will happen…”

“As I lay here the last living survivor on the Panagiotis waiting for death to take me, thirsty, cold and in constant pain… I think back to the words of my cousin, and I really wish I had trusted that feeling.”

The pictures from top, left to right:

1. Sunshine and ziplines over shipwrecks – Navagio Beach

2. Seagull Island – an ideal location for raising young seagulls

3. Cliffs and blue sea

4. Porto Vromio

5. Doorway through the cliffs, hiding places for smugglers

6. Poseidon guards the sea, judges the hearts of pirates

7. Rusty chain, waiting for expiration

8. Ground down sand

9. Decaying Panagiotis

Weekly Photo Challenge




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