Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzagging









Zigzags come in all forms, visible only from some angles and represent a pull-push flow of information.

Today’s collage expresses zigzags that I’ve come across in my recent works.

Sunset through trellised fence was taken when the air took on a pinkish hue as the sunset reflected unusually high red colour band frequencies, turning the clouds interesting shades of reds and purples. No sunset is ever the same, but occasionally there are exceptionally breathtaking ones.

Thistles are everywhere at the moment, they’re vying for soil with huge clumps of nettles. I think we need to find more uses for nettles, they grow abundantly, they’re too expensive to clear and they seem to get bigger every year. Back to the thistles, the zigzag pattern in the seed pods once the seeds have disperse, is mesmerisingly spiky.

The zigzag of red rope lines on a park climbing frame challenge developing dexterity, striking against the blue backdrop of almost cloudless sky.

Geese fly in V-Formation as a way to save energy across the flock, as the front goose tires, it falls back but the flock keep going in their well known V-formation, assisted by the air currents  created by the birds in front, drawing them forward and enabling them to fly great distances – the perfect team. In water, this pattern becomes apparent, a beautiful V formation can be seen as the goose travels toward me, the photographer.

There are many different angles a spring can take, but this one reminded me of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


This week, share a photo that foregoes the straightforward in favor of the twisting and winding.

© Nicola Kirk

All Rights Reserved



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