Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’


What better way to end a sunny Sunday than with a photo collage of favourite summer things?

Here’s why these five grabbed my interest…

There is nothing nicer than squiggling your toes into soft sea sand, feeling the wavelets wash cooly over the tops of your feet.

Country walks showcase the farmer’s calling, wheat fields and hay bales await the next tick along summer’s duty march.

Sunflowers with their perfect Fibonacci dials, swirling infant seeds in eye twirling patterns, surrounded by soft petals, filled with the full band of the yellow spectrum, are a happy greeting to any flower smeller drifting by.

Heat beaten, soft steps through the lawn sprinkler refresh, as the festive parade of sunset chasing daylight, as the sun ticks down to the first leaf fall of autumn.

Salute to Summer

Summer’s Love

Beach sand, cool water
crystal clear air, blue cloud skies
Beauty sunset earth

© Nicki Kirk
All Rights Reserved.

This week, share a photo that says summer lovin’ to you.



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