Have you seen the new Weird Al Yankovic parody song about foil?

What do you make of this?

Is he having a go at conspiracy theorists? Or is there something more to this?

It’s a parody song. Humour is mostly always subjective, but is both clever and hilarious when it points out truths.

I also think this release is placed brilliantly in the first half of the song a day promotion where he’ll be releasing eight songs from his new album entitled Mandatory Fun over eight subsequent days.

What is it saying?

I love the cup of tea Weird Al pours himself before he leans in and get’s all dark and sinister… camera pans out and he’s in a music studio, “handler” telling him to shut it – lovely twist at the end there… 

The Kubrick lookalike is wryly amusing if you understand the conspiracy theory – well covered in documentary Room 237. Was the moon landing filmed in a studio, did Kubrick film it, and did he deliberately include clues in The Shining admitting that he did?

Mind and thought control experiments are well documented on the Internet, as well as psychotronic technology – you are not going to find out about these on any news network that is owned by people involved. Do your research.

The hat is genius, though I still don’t know how a tinfoil hat will protect anyone from anal probes. I rather suspect that this is the point. The tinfoil supposedly acts as a Faraday Cage, but I’ve never been certain whether it should be shiny side up.

Maybe he’s just summarised what he thinks everyone needs to know using humour as the delivery mechanism. 

It’s really catchy too.






  1. These days I have started preferring writings that clearly say what they mean, was never good at guessing games anyway… if i want to communicate i will directly speak, and when it comes to listening i prefer speakers who speak clearly 🙂


  2. Aw! Weird Al was an integral part of growing up for me, he used catchy pop songs and his talent at satire is really clever – a very odd poet. This song would have been buried if it were done by any other artist – joke or not, Weird Al gets away with it because he has a huge fan base, is independent (not contracts) includes this into a huge launch, it will be debated for a long time – prolonging the spotlight. The man is a marketing genius, his ingenious use of social media is very interesting.


  3. I just had an argument–er, discussion–with a good friend yesterday about Weird Al. I think the guy is brilliant and a real hoot. My friend is, uh, aggressively unimpressed. I hadn’t seen this one. Thanks.


  4. Bravo! I think that the aluminum foil can be used either way (shiny side in or out). Next time I ask for a doggy bag at a restaurant I will demand a aluminum foil. The anal probe is undoubtedly super invasive BUTT crap is crap whether it is located in the bowel or in the deeper recesses of the brain. The game is afoot and we all need chastity belts to protect and preserve our untouched innocence. Thanks for sharing.


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