Container for my thoughts

There isn’t a container big enough
To contain my thoughts on any given day

So I call out to the sky

Help! Where are You?
Why aren’t You interfering
There’s madness
It’s called by many names
Justified under approved labels
Where’s the voice of reason?
The one that will eventually be shut down by the proponents of this new world architecture
We know the villains
They’re the ones calling for the deaths of mothers
Saying that their nations’  safety is more important than their neighbours
Wilfully ignoring facts
Defending instead with ad hominem attacks

Death toll two hundred and seventy four to one
Yet the assault continues unabated
Isn’t that a high enough score yet?

Discussions on the news by safe, free citizens
Who have never had to fear for anything
With every material possession in their world of entitlements
(but missing connection to their souls)

Judging the actions
Of an imprisoned third world nation
Surrounded by thermonuclear defences
With their young made up, designer, photoshopped faces
Conned to believe they sold  their soul to secure a comfortable life
Avidly believing in atheism
“Please don’t let me come back to face the other side”
“Please don’t let me face my own mortality because it might shatter me.”
“Let me pop this pill to dull my sensibilities”

Souls do not die
Souls cannot be sold
It’s a lazy luxury to believe that they do and can
When you realise that it’s just an illusion, that
You belong only to yourself, that
You will answer to yourself, that
You will meet your inter dimensional creator

When in His tender loving mercy She realises
You are broken
That all your choices were that of a broken doll
Your mistakes will be forgiven
In the place of all that love, mercy and forgiveness
Will you be able to forgive yourself?

How could you?
You will choose to understand the plight of your enemy instead
And be born on the other side of the wall

Why don’t we ever invest our energy in creating a world we would love to come back to?

If you’ve ever made contact with your inner observer
You will know, just know that there’s something beyond
Remember who you are
Say sorry when you’re wrong
Accept apologies sincerely
Make reparations when you’ve made terrible mistakes
Be wholehearted and generous
Accept the consequences for your actions
Be responsible for your choices
Be fair in your dealings

If the truth needs no defence
Why so much defending?

And then I check the headlines
A plane has crashed
My heart goes out to the families, how awful to lose someone on a flight that you probably weren’t comfortable with them taking in the first place?
It wasn’t an accident
Who would ever fly that airline ever again after this?
Who’s nefarious plot is this going to further?
Who’s coffers will be lined
Who’s mounting karma is waiting for forgiveness?

My container darkens
Night draws in, still I talk to the stars
My thought container is always there
Out there, the open skies

The great beyond



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