Sorrow in Gaza

Oh my God! Enough!

The people doing this are atrocious to decent world citizens – I hope they never sleep a good night ever again and live till 150.
I pray for all opponents without choice, funding this hideousness, pray that they can somehow call an end to the madness – but as with everywhere else they are probably powerless and silenced.

History contains the clues and in South Africa’s apartheid past, the ones that were opposed to the ruling elite, fighting for human rights, were silenced, threatened and killed, sneered at, called “liberal bleeding hearts” while the aggressors firmly pushed forward steadfast in the belief that it was God’s will, believed that they were entitled to more rights than every other ethnic group in South Africa (stamping it in through the power of fear and propaganda). The same ones who put a law in place called Apartheid – to make it so – to justify the worst of their inhumanities.
The bad news is that it took years to go, but the good news is it failed.
It failed so dismally that the country is still reeling – dealing with massive levels of crime and corruption as a result of being led by those that were once abused and tortured. These old, greedy men don’t think about consequences.
Neither did Hitler. The swastika remains a banned symbol of national shame in Germany.

You cannot put a wall around a place and then bomb the crap out of people who have had every single freedom removed from them just because they are fighting back, in order to not be forgotten by the world at large.

The rest of the world is powerless, watching this play out with horror and disgust. You might not think that we can see both sides, but having seen it all so far and been exposed to extensive propaganda and paid-shillery, we can see through out, even though our politicians won’t, and even though our mass media doesn’t report it.
Check out the comments sections on ALL articles, you will see.
More of us are awakening every day to realise that the Beast is not the victim, it’s the lying, conniving crybaby bully.