Rainbow Meditation

I’ve been talking about doing this for a decade or so, and I am thrilled that I have completed my very first…

This is a meditation I produced for the Yoga and Reiki Mindfulness workshop

It’s so rare for me to be satisfied with anything I create – there’s always something that can be improved, something not quite right that I can see – but apart from a couple of minor technical issues that come from not being able to do this in a professional studio, I am really happy with this meditation.

The techniques I’ve used take you on a trip and engage your aural senses to enable you to connect with your flowing energy (ki). More on that in the future.

Available for download for a limited time only, I’d recommend this before you sleep because it can leave you feeling spaced out. If you do happen to listen during the day, you’ll need to reground yourself afterwards – a small glass of juice and visualising roots from your feet to the ground would work – and I’ll probably include that in at some point – assuming anybody’s interested of course.

(My accent is “South African living in England for many years”)



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