The Big Picture

This is Porto Vromio and is where Mary Magdalene stepped off the boat (leaving her footprint) following the crucifixion, while on the island, she spread the message of Christianity.

So many thoughts come up about this place. I’m not sure if I can express them all.


There is a question about Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus, the “official” line is they kissed – but since kissing was customary at the time, it’s not a big deal. M’kay.

From what I can glean from the information out there that I have digested so far… Mary Magdalene may or may not have been the woman Jesus saved from stoning, she declared that he cleared her seven demons (vices?), and followed his ‘work’ for the rest of his life, and spread the word for the rest of hers?

Visiting this place made it more real for me. Being at the place where she walked made me realise that she was there, at his death, in his tomb, and at the resurrection (how many people would do the same for you?) maybe your mum, family, and perhaps the love of your life … but not many others – especially considering the political pressure surrounding his case.

Since Mary Magdalene was mentioned several times in the context of before the crucifixion, I find it plausible and agree with the lines of thinking suggesting she was his significant other, and its likely that they could have had children, and understand why this might have been kept very quiet. She faced every arduous second of what must have been a harrowing ordeal – can you imagine what it would be like going through that with someone you love (friend or love) – and it stayed with her so much so that she headed off to spread the message.

One of the towns on Zakynthos is called Maries and is named after the two Marys that arrived – Mary Magdalene and his mother’s sister – Auntie Mary of Clopas.

Why would she travel with a member of his family, if she wasn’t family?

I found myself wondering how she felt as she departed her old life, who went with her, what she was feeling.Why did she pick Zakynthos, was she elsewhere before, and where did she go to next – and do you know, I have only begun digging…

One of the most interesting people in Jesus’s life – I have never been more interested in a historical figure – and I find it curious that relatively little is known about her.


The Big Picture

Over land, sea, sky
Where mists marry horizon
Plunge deep still waters

Photography and Written Content
© Nicki Kirk
All Rights Reserved



  1. Reading the first paragraph, Here is where Mary Magdalene stepped off the boat following crucifixion, that alone gives me the feeling of impact, to follow her steps and meditate over the following days, wow!


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