Summer Dreaming

© Nicki Kirk, All Rights Reserved
© Nicki Kirk, All Rights Reserved

I wish someone had taught me how to fish when I was growing up.

It seems an ideal pursuit for mind clearing and perspective shifting.

This man looked so content with where he was, fishing where the fishing boats had been moored the day before. Since it was a hot day, there was a lot of activity going on around him, people completely in their own flow of fun, like the lady with the young boy pointing, or the swimmers splashing round in the calm translucent blue tides of the Ionian Sea, empty boats waiting for a trip… experiencing their own relative space-time, sharing space, time, oxygen, accommodation, and all participating in the evening community bun fight – otherwise known as the all inclusive buffet meal – God you’d swear some people were terrified that the Island was running out of food stores within a half an hour.


Fishing brings it all back into perspective.

We all shared the decision to enjoy (or loathe and rant about it on trip advisor), the beautiful environment on the island – a gorgeous place on Earth, ancient and yet still untouched by the many figurative agues of sophistication.


Fishing Haiku

Splash! Soft dots cool feet,
Wind tension letting line out
Relaxed haze settles

© Nicki Kirk
All Rights Reserved



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