Symbiosis – Garra Rufa and Happy Feet

symbiosis ˌsɪmbɪˈəʊsɪs,-bʌɪ – noun BIOLOGY Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

I have always wanted to try a fish spa for a natural pedicure, and when I did, it turned out to be an amazing experience.

These tiny little fresh water fish are called Garra Rufa, they are from Turkei and they love nibbling dry skin. The feel of them is a little ticklish, but not excruciatingly so and about ten minutes in, it feels like a soft vibration – it’s a natural feeling (not harsh like a Boots foot spa).

Harder to describe is the sense of symbiosis that you feel – a sense of oneness with nature that could only come from two organisms working harmoniously together – humans provide skin and the fish bring their appetites.

When you’re done, feet feel so soft and very happy.

One other thing I noticed about the tanks – some fish are bigger than others yet they live in the same environment, have the same food source and levels of activity which suggests that appetite and metabolism vary in different bodies – leaving many things to consider when digesting conflicting information about eating psychology, diet, food groups and metabolism.

Photography and Words
© Nicki Kirk
All Rights Reserved



    1. I can guarantee you that they’re completely non judgemental little creatures, they’ll accept any and all feet… I forgot to mention that I loved talking to them. They are really good listeners! 🙂


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