Photo Challenge: Contrast



Clematis flowers go through various stages until they turn to seed. At this stage, they’ve lost their soft petals, but their beauty remains within the reflective golden stigmas which later turn into feathery bushes. I wanted to capture the shine because that’s what struck me as being almost more beautiful than the first fresh flower.

To do this I collected a few dead-heads I’d pruned, popped them into a glass filled with water, and used a black reflective surface of a garden table, angling the Sun’s reflection for backlighting.

Between the old and new, sunshine and dark background, light hairs on green stems and shiny surface with cloud reflections, I thought this shot beautifully reflected the theme of contrasts.

Photography and Article
© Nicki Kirk
All Rights Reserved.


In response to the Photo Challenge – Contrasts –



    1. Their buds look like ballerinas as they wrap their tendrils around supports, their flowers unfurl, revealing gorgeous shades of delicate pinks, purples, lilacs and whites. They are my favourite flower to photograph, I have so many pictures of them that I now try to find other ways to display their gorgeousness! Thanks for your positive support, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who loves clematises. I look forward to reading your work and enjoying your wonderful photographic eye. 🙂


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