Loggerhead Sea Turtle Thoughts

Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta)


The Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead Turtle), is the second largest sea turtle. With dwindling beaches to lay eggs and increased threats within their environment, it is endangered. With the help of the wonderful folk at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, fishing practices in the area have improved, beaches have protected areas and respect for the beautiful environment within the Ionian Sea has grown.


Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Endangered ocean dwellers

depending on the co-operation of humanity

who when it comes to money and power
never find common ground higher than zero

but who when it comes to conservation
Can, and have. 

Our planet is literally common ground and is where we need to focus on. Earth is home to many living beings who were born (without choice), made it through their infancy, childhood, puberty and adulthood – where along the way metal was tested, and by surviving nature, we were all automatically deemed fit to survive. All of us. That’s you, me, your brother (yeah even though he’s a pain), your mother, Aunt Ethel and even that horrible little man at the end of the road in Family Guy – all have a right to be here.

It gets complicated when free beings begin to interact, but simply bringing it back to, don’t do to others what they don’t want you to do to them. I think most things fall under that heading.

When it comes to life, the Earth and everything what we really need is one agreement on our planet (Do we want the planet to live or die) and assuming that the majority want the planet to continue (after all we’re trying to make this a democratic world after all) we could stop arguing about what is good, and what is not and really phase out everything that jeopardises our Common Ground.

Where there is no consensus (after all we human folk like to adopt every available, possible and impossible angle) we need to identify the shared interests in context of the planet. I don’t care who you think you are, pissing on the lounge carpet is unacceptable in every culture.

There is nothing more futile than watching the same old faces – well they all look sort of the same after 20 years of yawning while they kick around the same tired arguments, collecting their pay-cheques at the end of the day, month, quarter for supporting whoever employs them, with the privilege of having no accountability for the outcome of their behaviour.

Until it catches up, of course. (I can think of a few dirty uncles who’ve been in the press lately)

Pollutants, litter, plastic tops, bottles, chemicals, bags, etc. kill countless creatures and we shouldn’t be spending money trying to justify the existence of threats to health, fertility and mortality, we should be investing in better ways. Come on freaks, Google have a quantum computer! Let’s use our resources and grow into the space age, rather than spend it shoving half the world’s people into stone-age conditions.





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