Tourist Privateers

Pillaging pockets of pirates would-be
Retail buccaneers on the open sea
In a battle against austerity

Nobody swings brandishing swords these days
Freebooting instead to rules of
Acceptable social conventions

Cutlass card readers
Acquiring with civility
A sliver of transactional commission

Accepted anywhere on the planet

Marauding through scenery
Captured digital impressions
from all directions
Parodying distant life on the open sea

There was a time more than once
In ages long past
Whence the heart would restart upon curdled blood
At the sight of one

From atop a hill with a stone vardiola,
A young man or three
responsible for the fate of the entire town

For deep within the Blue caves
lurks the patient raider,
Guarding secrets, treasures
And the location of the bones

Wanting more

“Don’t let it be on my watch, Itus!
Is Poseidon on our side tonight?”

Those days are done
People willingly pay now
The promissory note to the privateer
In exchange
Instant gratification
Romanticised past

Vardiola (Lookout point for pirates)

Photography and Poetry
© Nicki Kirk
All Rights Reserved


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