Haiku – Purple Ball of Irises

Tiny ball of miniature irises – I wish I knew their real name. Searching for “purple wildflower Zante” in my default search engine, yields everything, including questions about the point of search string algorithms – especially when the search string returns pictures of the shipwreck beach – which while interesting… “purple wildflower Zante” it is not…

I took this with my Nikon D3100, using a 10x macro filter, with the following settings – F/6.3 (for added detail but not too much), 55.0mm, 1/200 (in bright sunshine), ISO = 100 (for max clarity in the available light – noon) and I am largely allergic to built in flashes on all cameras – so that’s always off.

Here’s a little haiku I wrote about photography and this anonymous purple ball of irises – if you happen to know what they’re called, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d tell me, I’m sure it’s a more catchy name than PBOI.

Purple Ball of Irises

Purple Irises
All angles, brightly displayed,
one beautiful shot

Photography and Poetry © Nicola Kirk
 All Rights Reserved

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