Cape Daisy Haiku

© Nicki Ki, All Rights Reserved

The other day I discovered a couple of my WordPress posts from February had just disappeared. Luckily I keep backups and I reposted Grains of Sand which was one of the posts that disappeared (after taking a photo of the original notes on my phone with a date stamp) and took most of my older, weaker, irrelevant posts offline – for future development. I don’t know if it was a system glitch, or if my account was compromised, but it didn’t feel particularly good.

As I backed up everything, I decided not to bother getting in touch with WordPress — having seen previous discussions about this on the Google, the prospect didn’t inspire much relish. Beyond that, it got me wondering about why I use WordPress. I use it to share my creativity, photography, build confidence and knowledge, it’s a repository for a portion of my online content. WordPress is a great reader for the blogs I follow — because I’m connected to talented writers, poets and photographers, it’s a source of inspiration and amusement and all those good things.

But this particular incident had me doubting whether WordPress was a safe place for gullible fools. Lessons learnt folks – Back up your published WordPress articles and store locally.

Anyway enough said… I promised you a haiku to accompany the Cape Daisy picture.

I took the photograph at the Knebworth House Flower show 2014, bought a purple and golden variety for my garden.


Nature’s balance, yin and yang
No less than balance

© Nicola Kirk, All Rights Reserved, 2014


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