Persistence of Vision

Life in motion

This picture was taken along the main road between two neighbouring towns, along a road designed to reduce congestion and cutting between the farms blanketing the green belt.

Persistence of vision is the phenomenon where something becomes clearer when the foreground moves. Sometimes we need to see past the rushing activities of everything coming at us in order to uncover the grandness of the bigger picture beyond.

The joy of being a passenger is participating in the scene.

Persistence of Vision

Journey’s window
Destination waits.
Feathered foreground frames
Grand underpainting
Engaging and dividing
Field and road wind

Free to be free

Susurrussing Silver Birch leaves
twinkle greetings
Laden sycamores
weigh full in heady bloom.
While whispering Hawthorn and Holly,
strewn in remnants of consumption callously discarded,
are the wisest of them all.

life upon Life

© Nicola Kirk All Rights Reserved 2014

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