A foul topic

A foul topic

WARNING: If you’re more offended by swearing than dog fouling, you might want to skip this one.

Also, firstly I love dogs, they’re awesome and lovely creatures, but they need to be taken care of properly and that includes picking up after them. In no way is this intended to cause offence to responsible dog owners, apologies if you feel slighted.

Along the Easter Egg trail around Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire, UK while hunting for clues with my three year old, we happened upon several bagged up poops that were just discarded and left along the way, marring the beautiful surrounds.

Although easier for the non-existent Dog Poo fairy to retrieve as many were still in their plastic baggies, I couldn’t help wonder if just leaving it to biodegrade naturally, possibly to be aided by some unfortunate walker stepping in it and smearing it into the grassy paths, was a better option.

For such a foul subject, there’s no better person to provide a quote than the infamous and notoriously rude Frankie Boyle, who said “”Having a pet is basically just saying, ‘I have tried to find love among my own species.””

It’s kind of true, that’s why I have a cat 🙂

Frankie Boyle added, “Is there a sadder sight than watching a dog owner walking along picking up dog shit with his hands? Actually there is…….someone walking along picking up dog shit that hasn’t got a dog.”

There’s no such thing as the Dog Poo fairy – pick up after your furry family!


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