Nkandla Style

This Nklandla Style viral video doing its rounds — Laugh and Share.

Nkandla is the town where the presidential residence of South Africa is situated and has been the subject of huge controversy surrounding it’s construction, size and the associated cost of security upgrades, which most South Africans feel is unnecessarily exorbitant due to it’s R246,000,000 (approx £14 million) price tag which he’s now been ordered to pay back, And which he’s refusing because apparently he “didn’t know about it”.

Bear in mind the Daily Mail were screaming shenanigans when they reported that Kate and William’s home makeover costs taxpayer £1 million.

A breakdown gleaned from the following website converted to GBP – because since he’s earning more than the British Prime Minister, I thought it’d be fun to see it without all the mind-boggling zeroes you get when numbers are expressed in Rand.

The Billion Rand President: How much Jacob Zuma costs the taxpayer


The hidden costs are the assumed unknowns, the cost of VIP protection services during his travails, the cost of his wives and children’s accommodation when he’s out doing whatever it is presidents do, and with various cases against him, who knows what his legal costs are – not sure how much it costs to retain a quarrel of lawyers.

In the grand scheme of things, Jay-Zee earns more than David Cameron… which relative to the National GDP… Fair enough, if he’s out there earning lots of business, trade agreements etc. to justify his total cost to country… we’d understand, but…

So, let’s assume that at election time, someone comes to their senses and allows members to elect a new leader… with the salary bar set that high, and the South African Presidential costs expected to rise, some fool’s done some long-term damage allowing this to continue.


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