Performance6If anyone ever offers you tickets to the Doctor Who proms, the correct answer is always and without exception, yes.

The tickets are very difficult to get your hands on, and the performances are amazing.

We went in July 2008, it was when Russell T Davis was the show runner, David Tennant was the doctor, Martha Jones and Catherine Tate were the companions, and Davros rolled up to terrify old and new fans alike.

Hosted at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in addition to the cast, the monsters and often a bonus screening in the day’s programme, the proms showcase the exceptionally talented musicians working behind the scenes, setting the  tone, and character themes.

Performance3The conductor, in this case Ben Foster, is my favourite person to watch in an orchestra, I’m sure I’m not alone. His energy and action is music in motion. I took far too many blurry shots like this, of this mesmerising man who never stops moving, and I have kept this syncopation of movement and light in my photo library, in pictures too blurry to share, but no less enjoyable as the day I took them.


The magic of the Doctor Who Proms is in the interaction between orchestra and monsters. Ben Foster takes on the hideously terrifying Davros after being accosted by one of this villain’s Dalek minions before turning around and drawing out the most magical sequences of music, taking you back to those moments in the series where you were hanging onto the edge of your couch, waiting for the next huge surprise.


Russell T. Davis was the man who made every season finale bigger than the last and who knows what he’d have done had he continued.

For the record, I love both Russell T Davis and Stephen Moffat for very different reasons. Both are exceptionally talented writers with astounding talent for putting across their strengths and delivering a show that is successful, attracting larger audiences each season.


2008 doesn’t seem all that long ago, and yet in terms of Doctor Who, so much has happened, so I used a light vintage treatment to give photos that were a little ho-hum, a slightly different feel.




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