Valentine’s Day Riddle

Edgar Allan Poe and Valentine’s day … what a mash up eh? Surprisingly enough, he wrote a riddle called, “A Valentine” … I won’t ruin it for you, but see if you can work it out, extra points if you managed without Google or Bing.

Edgar Allen Poe Valentine Riddle


Happy Valentine’s Day to all… yep, especially you that hate it! You don’t need to buy things to celebrate love in all forms.



  1. Reblogged this on Nicola Kirk and commented:

    The solution to the riddle was Frances Sargent Osgood…
    (The first letter on the first line, second letter on the second line, third letter on third line etc.)
    It’s quite an interesting story about his admiration for her – they exchanged romantic poems… it wasn’t a conventional relationship, and here’s a link to the entry on Wikipedia so you can read all about it …


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