Three wishes to make the world a different place


I have three wishes and I know that ongoing, sustained Global Peace is so far away from even being a clear vision – still so much to do… so I’m not going to wish on that.

So, If I could wish for changes that might make positive differences to the wider world, these would be my three…

First Wish… We need compassion before profit. I wish that the understanding of whatever you do, you ultimately do to yourself is  realised. Prioritise concern for planet, people and life, then you factor in immediate or personal gain. Money in motion is more useful to the world than money squatting, doing nothing more than attracting increasing percentages of interest.

Second Wish… The planet is in serious trouble, with specifics too vast to go into, so I’d look at the biggest problem -> TRASH. and more specifically, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

I wish to send it to the moon. No, not as a junk pile, but in the form of art. Heat shrink and mould the rubbish in the island to varying sized lego-like bricks… Send them to the moon (think mission stations, online video feeds, more astronauts – the world needs more space travel)… maybe initially we could turn them into a huge feature like the Hollywood sign that simply says, “The Moon” with an enormous pointing arrow, visible from Earth 🙂

Third and Last Wish… in order to come up with the right skills to invent an improved future involving space travel and off world colonies, we need to rethink our learning tools. This video, maps the way forward in the best way I’ve ever seen, I wish everyone watches this and if you enjoyed it, share it.




  1. There is so much that needs to be done…though these will solve some problems but it would be better to ask for some common sense and empathy for all the human beings 😉 🙂


      1. In a way I’m making it 😛 On a serious note I do work to make it better, I’m involved with many volunteering projects. Stay blessed. 🙂


      2. Something to remember…

        “The people who are crazy enough
        to think they can change
        the world are the ones who do.”

        Excerpt From: Walter, Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs.”

        Thanks, same to you 😀


  2. Great wishes…I really enjoyed the video (the concepts as much as the cute animation). It makes a lot of sense. Inceasingly in the media there are reports questioning some of the assumptions about education, its goals as well as its methods. It seems about time, but the system is not set up for change (at least not in the US).


    1. Not in the UK either, but awareness happens first, and hopefully with thinking like in the video, in that wonderfully succinct style, lights will come on, someone in the right place at the right time will say, “Why don’t we try this, now, I know how…” 🙂


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