Fences couldn’t keep me in …


I knowz they calls me Rhino-clogz, but I don’t care because he who knows where to find the nibblez, haz the happiest belly.

I have made it my biznizz – my life’z quest to know all the neighbours, for good for illz and No fence, wobbly or ztraight has ever stood between me and my fate!

The sweet grey lady with the soft lap up the road has the best selection of bickilits, I like her – she smells like cake.¬†Sometimes when the weatherz wet and the human haz gone wherever humanz go, I know where to find the soft, dry bed of Alley the Ginger when he’s out on patrol.

And the man who barks like a dog – him what smells like cheese, pigeons and gas (he sort of scares me.. yeah, him)… one day he’z going to have his back turned and I’ll find out what thozes smellz living deep in his carpets, cupboards, and shed are.

I can’t wait!

Then there are all the feathery and furry neighbourz, living in the surrounds, under leaves, in nests, boxes and occasionally land zoftly uponz the tall house that confoundz my dexterity to itz limitzzz. I watch, wait and occasionally pounce, though I muzt be care or my crazy human will shout nonsense about live and let be!


The only ting fences are good for, iz hiding behind, wobbling upon and leaping over, but no fence haz ever stood between me and my curiozity.




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