Winter’s Swan Song

With the days lengthening, the sunlight from the low hanging Sun, adds a welcome splash of colour to the vibrant greens and yellows hinting spring is just around the corner.

We weren’t the only ones who took advantage of the pleasant day, as by the time we’d eaten lunch and bundled up to head over and feed the water birds, they were so satiated that they hardly seemed bothered with our efforts.

The swans were the exception, they came right over and very gently took the proffered bread before hogging mulching hulks from the water.

Since I’m practising the art of haiku, knowing on some level it’s not quite there yet, I came up with this one to accompany this gorgeous pose that I was fortunate enough to capture.

The Swan

White beacon gliding
Ballet on lake, grace in flow
Long necked brass horn honk

And if you don’t believe me about the brass horn honk, here’s proof that swans sound like the brass section tuning up before a concert.



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