My Precious

Rambling old pathways overgrown with blackberry laden brambles, holding hands to steady stumbles upon uneven ground, Dad and Daughter out on a blackberry-apple pie quest, rapidly filling the plastic tub in hand.

I have two precious people. They are my most favourite Humans in the Universe, my Husband and Daughter. They are the only people who love me no matter what I say, how I look and what I happen to be harping on about at any given time.

I have a few good friends too, but over time they’ve all drifted in and out as our lives ebb and flow, together and apart, their presence is seldom guaranteed. Some even disappear for years at a time, returning when mutually convenient.

My husband just loves me for who I am and what’s more, he knows exactly who I am. He and I have the best friendship, we discuss as much of everything as possible. We can both be sweet, super-charged, fatigued or snarky and I know that when all’s said and done, he always loves me – and the feeling is absolutely mutual.

Captain Kirk is the best thing that ever happened to me and that’s not intended to sound like hyperbole, it is fact, and I know that he is the one for me till the very end as we (hopefully) trundle off into the sunset on our zimmer-segways.

My beloved daughter will probably eventually realise that her mum is a curious old bird but I will always make the effort to stay in touch with her via all means necessary, actually call her from time to time to say “hi” and always be interested in her thoughts and ideas – even if they are new thoughts that are uncomfortable and challenging.

Her arrival in our lives was a precious gift and there will never be a day in which she doesn’t know how much she means to me.

These are my precious people, they cannot do wrong in my eyes, I always have their backs and it should go without saying that I would do anything for them.



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