Weekly Writing Challenge meets Sci-Fi Haiku – Ambush

The Weekly Writing Challenge this week was a great one, because I’d already been experimenting using haiku to express Sci-Fi concepts (Sci-Fi Haiku: The Future is Upon Us)

It’s quite difficult at this stage to distinguish what science fiction is because as a genre, it contains so much. Since our world has been aided with the assistance of magnificent writers both past and present, many of the gadgets and dilemmas we live with now, were imagined, explored and inspired by these giants decades ago, and much of what was once considered to be science fiction, is now everyday technology.

We as a species, hold as our deepest dream, the ability to travel beyond our solar system. We wonder what we might find beyond the perimeters of our skies, we dream about idealistic societies, unimaginable terrors, tin-men and bug-eyed monsters.


New cherub gurgles
Hair so perfectly spiky
Purple scales, like Dad

Lizard flesh dinner
Sharpens teeth on skull and tail
Newborn predator

Birth ceremony
Obsidian shaman names
Prince Ar’ugulah

Gather the soldiers
Bedecked in skin, skull and bones,
Hunt, kill, sacrifice

Solar flare, open
Portal wide as moons align
Destination Mars

Air sultry sulphur,
High cliff, camps pitch, warriors
Sound drums, light torch, wait



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