Haiku: Brainship


A brainteasing creative challenge is proposed by Rob Ross over at Rob’s Surf Report about writing Haiku with a science fiction bent. Something you can really get your teeth into!

Rob pointed out that Haiku is generally considered to be about nature but wondered what it could be like with a science fiction twist.

I think that we confine the concept of Nature to our planet but when our science fully penetrates the skies, what we consider to be Nature will extend beyond the atmosphere, reaching out as far as we dare to travel.

The following Haiku was based on one of my favourite books by the late Anne McCaffrey entitledΒ The Ship Who Sang. It’s my first stab, but I think may attempt a few more as this seems to be where my brain enjoys heading.

Born deformed broken
Consciousness transformed machine
Shipboard computer



  1. I love haiku – not that I get a chance to write them any longer – and Helva is one of my favourite of all of McCaffrey’s characers, so thank you! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you for reading … I’m fairly new to haiku and learning something new every day … I have some more sic-fi haiku … The Ship who Sang is one of my all time favourite books. πŸ™‚


      1. Yeah – they’re more complicated than they look! I think it was harder to ensure the kireji was included.

        Thanks – I’ll check those out. I love the concept of melding such an ancient and graceful art form with something as modern as sci-fi! πŸ™‚


      2. You should try it sometime, the haiku offers immense clarity and perspective – but honestly according to the art of crafting the perfect haiku – I’m never quite sure if I’m doing it “right”


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