Smile and say Bickilits!

Cat Sat by Nicki Ki
Cat Sat, a photo by Nicki Ki on Flickr.

The Daily Prompt

Hey, bumping into my humans down by the willow tree was a stroke of luck. It’s been a while since they took me walking in the woods, it must have something to do with the mini human that arrived… nothing’s been the same since.

But today I flex my limbs while the big ones talk about that cat documentary they watched despite my blatant disapproval.

I’m simply horrified that my brethren so blithely let strange humans strap cameras to their collars while they innocently gave away all our secrets. Is nothing sacred?

I smell foxes and rabbits! I hope they stay in…


A Spider!
It’s got long creepy legs.

(Friend Simon eats them, how disgusting is that?)

She’s pointing that black thing at me again, let’s paste on an intense camera face and maybe she’ll take the hint and fill my bickilit bowl when we get back in.




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