Eavesdropping on Thoughts

A meander through an imaginary pathway leads me to the Daily Post’s… Freaky Friday

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

~ ~ ~

As I swirl through the time-space continuum to an hour ago, I somehow know that I won’t remember much of who I am before I arrived and much of what I discover after I leave. I can barely remember why I was granted this gift, but as I drift into the moment I am hooked into a chain of inner monologue discussing the perception of Emberick’s thoughts.

~ ~ ~


A whole set of new thoughts

Patterns not my own

Uncontextualised memories flashing along unwalked contexts

Comparing with nothing but the kernel that I bring

I an ironic interloper

Approaching life from a different end


And suddenly

I know what it’s like

to be you and

I dwell in this space for so long that I’m sure people must think you’re daydreaming

I hope nobody asks me for anything






Different to what I expected

Or am accustomed to

So quiet



Thoughts flow uniformly


I should be disagreeing in support of my own cacophany of creativity

If we’ve swapped places, you’re in for a wild ride viewing me as an outsider from within


But you’ve created serenity out of souciant numbness.


From this angle I appreciate your simple flows of thought

If more people were this structured


Everything would be more efficient

Even your thoughts are proofread.


So uh, what about the interloper




You hardly remember


Betrayed by a tear drop

Ah, so you avoid remembering


I made scars from wounds inflicted upon big perceptions of truth

But not all is lost

Summarised conclusively

Regret the chance not taken

Don’t dwell on the past

It just wasn’t meant to be

C’est las vie

That door is locked.



  1. So creative and vivid. It would be so interesting to experience something similar to see how others minds work 😉


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