Personification … of sorts

Personification ... of sorts

In my next life, I’m going to attempt to come back as a butterfly.

Caterpillars get to eat and eat and eat, then sleep and sleep and sleep until finally they awaken, flit from plant to plant, hang around with no emotional attachments, eat from flowers, copulate and lay eggs. Their sole purpose is to BE, and while Being if things happen to be pollinated, then BOUYAH!

This photo was taken by me, the butterfly in shot wouldn’t sit still, there were far too many flowers to stick his proboscis in and so it’s just ever so slightly blurred. In the background, a lilac sheet wafts on the line providing a natural, soft backdrop. At this time of year every second photo seems to be a butterfly, but I for one miss them when they become little eggs, waiting to hatch next year.



  1. I love your tagline! The Chronicles of Mrs Typo
    heh-I thought that was me…;)
    Even more than the tagline, I enjoy your style of writing.
    So glad I found your blog 🙂


  2. I like that idea:) You’re only here for a short while, no real attachments or worries, just lots of yummy leaves and beautiful flowers etc., you fly around and enjoy life and then it’s over. The other butterflies feel no loss or need for mourning and they join you in a day or two.


    1. Maybe we have reincarnation theory the wrong way around – wouldn’t it be nice if once we transcended humanity we could choose to be anything else that inhabits our beautiful planet – butterflies are cool, but so are birds, fish, lions, turtles and so on 🙂


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