Carved in stone

Carved in stone

This is an interesting and slightly famous headstone for Edwin Blacklow, situated at Pilgrim’s Rest, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Without any requirement for anything from the information age that we rely on to keep the journals of our lives, this final testimonial to an apparently exceptional person, is permanently situated in the cemetery with the Robber’s Grave, upon this steep hill that has a steady stream of visitors from around the world, and capped off with a breathtaking view.

He must have been and important or significant figure because there’s also a 3/4 size replica of this exact tombstone and message at the Macmac Memorial not far from Pilgrim’s Rest linking him to Jock, the famous South African Staffordshire Terrier written about in the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick’s classic, Jock of the Bushveld).

I am still curious though. What did Edwin Blacklow do to elicit such a profound eulogy? Why he was held in such high regard? Who was he? Self denial for many years – very vague but really stands out as something unrequited… and ironically enough, even with a computer I can’t find out much more than his birthday and parentage as there’s very little additional information specific to this “universally esteemed” Tasmanian which in part is responsible for his digital identity (123 years later) largely because it was once carved in stone…*

Not sure what life would look like without a computer, but whatever was recorded about all of us would probably have to be cut into concrete for future generations if not for digital storage and failsafe redundancy, though come to think of it, Edwin Blacklow’s life and the impact he had on people’s lives is here, bookmarked forever… able to withstand most of what Mother Nature might come up with.

The View From Edwin Blacklow's Final Resting Place
The View From Edwin Blacklow’s Final Resting Place

The Challenge

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.

* Maybe I’ll check back occasionally, the Internet has a funny way of growing.



    1. Haha, we’ll probably never know 🙂 … Mpumalanga has some of the most amazing scenery for miles and miles, I’d imagine experiencing it by bike would be the ultimate thing to do.


      1. Not sure why it doesn’t accept links – I’ll have to check dashboard … but yeah, there’s not a lot of information for a man with such a glowing recommendation for the afterlife 😉


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