Over the hill and underground

Over the hill and underground

The London Underground – People from everywhere have, at some point, minded the gap and passed through, on their way someplace else, and although very busy – unless during periods of inclement weather, morning rush hour and incessant maintenance work – it runs very smoothly!

Everyone at one point in their lives should experience the exhilarating smell of fresh armpit first thing in the morning, and the rank smell of papaya picking gorillas’ later in the day.

You’ll learn only once that standing on the left hand side of the escalators will get you mowed down by a bristling mob of angry stoics… And after a few days of using the network as a commuter, you too will be growling at the overloaded gormless who stop dead at the bottom or top, vaguely looking around, lost and confused, unaware that they (and their massive luggages) are lingering too long in the path of progress.

The Underground has mysteries too, stories of ghosts, derelict stations and even speculation about whether or not there’s a secret platform in Buckingham Palace, linked to the British Museum – although this is emphatically denied as there’s not a shred of evidence to suggest that this is the case (or is there?)

And finally at the end of a lovely day, traveling around the fascinating city of London by Underground, you’ll get home and will at some point need to blow your nose and might I say that it’s a delightful surprise to see what comes out? My friend Ed is convinced that the black stuff is an accumulation of iron and the skin cells of millions of people suggesting that we are all indeed interconnected.

I’ve added this to the weekly writing challenge as it’s wryly dry – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/weekly-writing-challenge-humor/



  1. They say a strong majority of the dust floating in the air is dead skin tissue. You would think nobody riding the Underground ever washes if that’s the case…


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