Stream of consciousness on writing

Sometimes when I write, I lose myself in the story. Words flow from brain to fingers without pausing for thought.

I’ve been known to sit for hours and chapters emerge with surprising, funny dialogue and amusing twists. I love the process of just sitting down to write something, anything.

I love words, strung together into sentences, metaphors for dimension, satire to shovel irony, humour, tragedy and a level of plausible implausibility … and although as a reader I find typos distracting, I don’t fastidiously check my own spelling as I go, because there’s no time to stop – the story takes precedence – I worry about the time consuming nature of this later.

Before I begin, I have my characters in mind and a basic idea of what their role is in the story and what I hope the story will reveal. I decide where it begins, what needs saying, and then … off the fingers go with the characters doing all the driving.

This is my art.

My first draft is a full manuscript that is then revised in a process that takes almost longer than it took to write the first part – but because I have something tangible, I immerse myself in it until it flows. I don’t know if it’s efficient or not – but … it works for me and since there’s no train to catch, if it’s in my stars, it’ll happen.



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  1. You write the same way that Stephen King does and I have undertaken my first novel in the very same way. When the words are flowing and the story being told I cannot stop to check spelling etc otherwise I would begin nit picking and before I know it the flow and story would be no more. It works well for me to write this way 😉


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